What is Probate?

Wednesday’s Wisdom:   If you’ve heard the term “probate” before but aren’t sure what that *really* means, check out this article for short & simple explanation of probate:   https://www.edwardjones.com/preparing-for-your-future/estate-inheritance/probate.html   *While we find this article to be a helpful introduction to the concept of [...]

Mary Lou Whitney’s Will Highlights the Importance of Proper Estate Planning

When she died last summer, socialite, philanthropist and horse-racing enthusiast Marylou Whitney left $17.2 million to her children, homes to 2 employees and the rest of her vast fortune to her husband.  Whitney’s will, which was filed December 12th in Ballston Spa, included an admonishment to [...]

Use Caution When Signing & Dating Important Documents in 2020

Friday’s Food for Thought- Happy New Year, all! As we start both a new year and new decade, here’s a helpful hint to bear in mind when signing & dating legal documents: Rather than simply abbreviating the year as “20”, make sure to write out [...]

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