This article was written by Rebecca Smith, a member of the Meier Law Firm team.

Preparation & Services to Help Loved Ones Maintain Quality of Life

Growing up, my mother was the one who took care of the finances and overall household responsibilities. My parents recognized early in their marriage that my mom was better suited to handle these tasks because this type of household management was not one of my dad’s strong suits. After my mom passed, my father worried about all of the things he had to take over now that my mom wasn’t there. Despite support from my brother and me, it was obvious that he was overwhelmed. Thankfully my father was wise enough to have a Power of Attorney in place to allow us to assist him as necessary. My brother and I worked together so that he was able to stay home for as long as possible and to live without the stress of managing financial responsibilities. It wasn’t easy but the three of us worked together because we were committed to helping Dad maintain the best quality of life possible, which included his ability to stay in his home.

My aptitude for accounting and passion for caring for elders came from my mother. In addition to her role as the family money manager, I have childhood memories of joining my mother’s visits to an elderly neighbor’s home to balance her checkbook. While I played or did my homework in our friend’s living room, my mom sat at the kitchen table with pencil and paper patiently comparing the written numbers to the paper bank statement. If I became too impatient, she would allow me to assist her. Later in life, I realized that the greatest service my mother provided wasn’t the actual reconciling of our neighbor’s checkbook but being there as a trusted friend helping her maintain her independence and quality of life.

Eldercare Bookkeeping at Meier Law Firm

Through Meier Law Firm Eldercare Bookkeeping services, I collaborate with individuals, their families, their agents under power of attorney, and caregivers to achieve their goal of maintaining independence and the quality of life they desire. My expertise — derived from both my accounting background and lived experience — helps bring older adults and caregivers peace of mind knowing they have a professional in their corner who can assist with a myriad of financial responsibilities.

As a trusted advisor responsible for your loved one’s eldercare bookkeeping needs, I am able to:

  • Check-in monthly for writing checks to ensure bills are paid on-time
  • Monitor and manage your budget and spending habits.
  • Research retirement benefits and beneficiary questions
  • Help with the moving process, including securing new identification cards, transportation to appointments, and setting up bank accounts
  • Assist with organizing documents, logins and passwords, and phone numbers
  • Serve as a liaison between the elder and their tax preparer and other professionals
  • Track income and expenses in QuickBooks software, reconcile financial accounts, and provide monthly reporting.

The assistance Meier Law Firm provides may be related to financial and accounting matters; however, as a firm, we believe that the value in this service is the peace of mind that caregivers and aging adults receive. At our boutique, woman-owned law firm, we are committed to playing an active role on the team of professionals that help maintain the best quality of life for the elders and caregivers alike.

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