Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Making a Plan for Tomorrow That Brings You Peace Today

At Meier Law Firm, PLLC, we skillfully guide you through the process of establishing a thorough estate plan that will provide you and your loved ones with confidence and peace of mind. We counsel clients in all aspects of estate planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and living wills. We also guide clients through the process of planning for long-term care, which may include independent living, care in assisted living or nursing homes. We also discuss payment for skilled nursing care through Medicaid.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxy & Living Wills

We take the time necessary to truly understand your individual needs and goals. We offer practical and experienced advice tailored to your concerns and desires, and we put your plan into action.

A comprehensive estate plan will set up strategies to protect you and your family, help you manage your assets, manage your healthcare, and administer your legacy according to your exact wishes. A well-drafted estate plan reduces worry by you today and alleviates stress for your loved ones after your passing. Whether you want to establish guidelines around your end-of-life care, tailor the distribution of your wealth, or set up trusts for loved ones, we work closely with you to create the right plan that will offer you an invaluable sense of safety and security.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a health insurance program funded by the federal and state governments. It is designed to provide financial assistance to people with low income and minimal assets.
The eligibility requirements for Medicaid are complex. We offer competent legal advice in Medicaid planning, which should be obtained prior to you transferring assets, spending down assets, or submitting an application for Medicaid benefits.

Clients often come to us with questions like, “what about my Social Security payments, my retirement funds, my real estate, or other assets?”; “how can I protect my spouse if I go into a nursing home?”; or “how and when should I utilize these resources while maximizing my eligibility for Medicaid benefits?”. Our experienced attorneys are able to help you by taking a comprehensive look at your personal and financial situation and then plan accordingly. We have helped many New York state residents obtain Medicaid benefits through careful planning and submitting an application for benefits.
Let our firm assist you with Medicaid planning and application for benefits if you or a loved one needs long-term care. The sooner you get knowledgeable legal advice and begin managing your assets in preparation for this move, the greater chance of success in being approved for Medicaid.

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