Friday’s Food for Thought:

As parents, we devote extraordinary time, energy, & resources to providing our children: we help them study for spelling tests; we arrange our schedules to make sure they’re at soccer practice on time; we comb through food labels at the supermarket to make sure the food they eat is healthy; & we sacrifice our weekends to tournaments & birthday parties. Despite all we do as parents, many of us delay or avoid planning for who will care for our children in the event that we die/are incapacitated before our children turn 18 because it’s unpleasant to even consider.

That said, if you don’t actively plan for this possibility, a judge who doesn’t know you or your family will decide who to appoint as your children’s legal guardian, & they may not select the same person that you would. This article provides 7 key points to consider when deciding who to name in your will as your child’s guardian:

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